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Hotel Insurance

Period Hotel Insurance

Running a Country House, Period or Contemporary Hotel is a fulfilling if demanding role. Castleacre understand that maintaining the reputation of your business with seamless hospitality and service is essential. Your insurance should be designed to fit your needs and give you confidence that any unforeseen issues can be resolved quickly and efficiently with the minimum of fuss and interruption.

Castleacre’s Broker Service

At Castleacre our insurance advisors work alongside you throughout the year and we are contactable on a 24-hour basis.

We will not only help you find exactly the right insurer for your hospitality business but we will

  • advise on key risks
  • work with specialist valuers to ensure accurate valuations of your property
  • review the market at renewal to find a competitive policy tailored to match your business
  • make changes to your cover whenever you need it
  • work as your advocate if you need to make a claim, ensuring swift and fair settlements

Hotel Insurance Policies

At Castlecre we only recommend insurers that understand the demands of hospitality. We work closely with underwriters to arrange bespoke insurance cover for a wide range of risks including

  • Property Damage for Buildings and Contents to include Fire, Flood, Storm & Theft
  • Public and Products Liability including damage to third-party property or injury to third parties
  • Employer’s Liability for injury sustained by employees during their employment
  • Business interruption, loss of Gross Profit and Gross Revenue
  • Loss and theft of Money
  • Engineering including unforeseen damage to Plant, Equipment and Lifts and statutory inspections
  • Cyber Liability including financial losses due to a data breach
  • Legal Expenses for defending or pursuing Civil Actions

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